Why You’re Not Getting the Most Out of Your Residential HVAC System

If your Residential HVAC systems aren’t keeping you perfectly comfortable, they should at least be saving you some serious cash. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually true. Instead of enjoying an affordable respite from the rest of the world, homes are usually just too hot, too cold, or too expensive to enjoy.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’re making some common mistakes when it comes to home HVAC systems. Find out which habits of yours could be costing you more every month, and how to turn it around:

residential hvac systems

You’ve skipped regular maintenance

You can’t “set and forget” your residential HVAC systems forever and expect them to continue to run optimally. They need their filters changed regularly, and they need care put into selecting the filters to be used. Everything from ductwork to drain hoses needs to be cleared at least once a year, too. Some of these tasks are doable yourself, but the real benefit of preventative maintenance comes from working with an HVAC company. Professional technicians are invaluable when it comes to performing preventative maintenance, as their experience allows them to spot needed repairs before they can lead to a total system meltdown.

You keep trying to force your whole-home system to work like it’s zoned

Do you know what happens when you close off a vent in a room you don’t use very often? The air to the ductwork continues to flow, pressure builds, and air backs up, creating pressure problems for your entire HVAC system. If you want zoned heating and air, where each room or area gets its own temperature control, ask a qualified shop to help you design one. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money and damaging your heating and cooling equipment without reason.

You don’t invest in repairs and replacement when they’re needed

According to EnergyStar.gov, most cooling equipment should be replaced after 10 years and most heating equipment after 15. Ignoring advancements in efficiency will cost you big in terms of monthly HVAC costs, but the differences will also affect comfort and convenience. Today’s units are quiet, affordable, and have special upgrades like air filtering and humidity control.

Work with the pros to get the most out of your residential HVAC systems. Call Carolina Comfort, Inc. today.

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