Ready for New HVAC Heating for Your Business? Here’s How to Tell

Why is updated HVAC heating so important to your profits?

Your commercial HVAC system has a significant impact on your business. It keeps your employees focused and your clients comfortable. Undoubtedly, adequate heating has an impact on profits by encouraging both productivity and deals. Unfortunately, no equipment lasts forever.


Keep an eye out for the following signs to keep costs low while enjoying the other benefits a well-managed indoor environment provides:

commercial heating

Stopping Rising Bills in Their Tracks

There’s no question that heating has a significant impact on your budget. Gas use for your furnace can make up to 60% of your monthly utility bills, and those can go even higher when things aren’t working as they should. If changing your air filter doesn’t bring your bills down, it may be time to replace your heating system.

No More Struggling to Stay Warm

If you notice you’re turning your thermostat higher and higher to stay comfortable, it may be a sign that your components aren’t functioning well. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends replacing a furnace after 15 years in order to take advantage of newer, more efficient models. Every unit won’t last that long, but depending upon the manufacturer, the construction and its overall use, your furnace may be capable of outliving expectations.

Before you make any definite decisions, schedule an inspection with a trusted HVAC professional. Work together on whether repair or replacement is your best option. Keep your business running smoothly by investing in smart heating and cooling solutions, and staying on top of repairs.

Want to improve or replace your business’s heating system? Contact Carolina Comfort, Inc. to schedule a heating system assessment.

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