The Top 2 Ways to Keep Your Home HVAC in the Zone

Zoning will provide improved comfort whether you’re running the heater or air conditioner. There are several ways to create a zoned setup, but unfortunately, not all of them are efficient. Some can even damage your HVAC equipment and result in requiring expensive repairs, according to a Codes and Standards Enhancement Initiative on zoned HVAC systems.


Here are two tips for making the most of your heating and cooling:

hvac zoning

Stop closing doors and vents

One of the ways that many experts recommend for saving on your utility bills is to close off vents and close the doors of rooms that you don’t really use. While this is an okay measure, it’s not nearly as effective as getting zoning in your home.

A true zoned home heats and cools your property room-by-room or area-by-area, based on the ductwork and temperature controls in place. It’s not a self-created system managed by closing vents and shutting doors to unused areas of your home. In fact, you can do real damage to your HVAC system through these actions. In addition, you significantly lower both the efficiency of your unit and its capacity to heat or cool your house.

How does it hurt to shut off rooms in your home? Because doing so stresses out your system, causing it to both overwork and underperform, as conditioned air backs up in ductwork. You’ll also use an average of 25% more fuel in the process. Ultimately, you’ll need to repair or replace your system sooner. Just leave rooms open, allow a whole home HVAC system to do its job and enjoy a less expensive way to achieve whole home comfort.

Invest in a professionally designed zoned HVAC setup

The majority of new homes now use zoned systems for a reason. They have one setup of traditional heating and cooling equipment but utilize improved ductwork and a temperature control array. A setup like this allows users to change temperature from room to room, to accommodate guest rooms or basements, for instance, or floor to floor, and they’re controlled by the same technology available in whole-home HVAC setups, like predictive or programmable thermostats.

These systems place a priority on home comfort, save you money, while preserving the integrity of your property. We’ve learned a lot about zoned systems since their rise to popularity roughly ten years ago. Let the experts put that experience to use in your home.

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