Everything You Need to Know About Humidifiers and HVAC Systems

Why is a humidifier an excellent addition to your HVAC system?

Your HVAC system controls the quality and temperature of your indoor air. Normally, we think of HVAC equipment as air conditioners and furnaces, but the right company can help you design a comprehensive system using the very best coolers, heaters, air filters, humidifiers and other helpful add-ons to create the perfect indoor environment for your home.

And if you, like many other Southerners, paused at the word “humidifiers”, trust us – you weren’t the only one. Because of the high humidity that we deal with during the summer, most of us skip over humidifiers as part of our HVAC systems.

But even in the South, these units can make a huge difference once it gets cold. Here are just a few ways humidifiers help you during the winter months:

Moisture Makes the Air Feel Warmer

It’s true. It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity. Moisture-filled air absorbs less sweat from your skin, meaning you retain more natural heat and wind up feeling warmer even when the temperature drops. Adding a humidifier to your HVAC system allows you to spend less while staying comfortable.

Moist Air Keeps You Healthy

Brittle hair, irritated eyes, and scaly skin can all be the result of dry indoor air. Unfortunately, that same dry air can also aggravate your lungs and sinuses, allowing germs to take hold more easily and for conditions like asthma to get out of control. A humidifier can help boost your natural defenses against these and other health problems.

Moisture Protects Your Furnishings

Just as too much moisture can cause problems indoors, a lack of moisture can, too. Wooden floors and trimming, paintings and upholstery all experience greater wear due to low humidity. Work with an expert to find the perfect humidifier to complement your system.

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