Repair or Replace? The Info You Need Right Now About Heating Repair

When should you shrug off Heating Repair for Heater Replacement?


Every time that you have to schedule a heating repair, you’re naturally going to question when you’ll need to replace your system. If you find yourself scheduling repairs too often, it’s probably time for a change. Statistically, your unit will last 15 years or longer, but it’s imperative to keep your eyes out for evidence of serious damage that could cut that lifespan short.


The following are signs you need to shop for a new heating system:

heater replacement

A Frequent Need for Repairs

Don’t throw away money and struggle to stay warm while you patch up endless problems. Your furnace should need one major visit for preventative maintenance a year, during which any worn or failing components should be noted. If you’ve had two or more repairs during a season, it might be in your best interest to start discussing replacement with your HVAC service pros.

Rising Costs

If you’ve had a technician out for a service visit and they didn’t find a problem, but you’re spending more and more to keep your house the same temperature as before, it’s time to look at new models. This is especially true for units that cycle on and off at short intervals. Both rising utility bills and cycling are signs that your unit is losing efficiency.

Efficiency naturally suffers as units get older and parts start to wear down. If your heating equipment is struggling to stay ahead, it makes sense to invest in a newer, more energy-friendly furnace or heat pump.

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