Top Secret Information Techs Can Tell You About HVAC Equipment

How can you hack your HVAC equipment to get the comfort and low-cost service you want?

HVAC equipment can be a complicated subject. Most people don’t understand how it works until they’re forced to figure it out the hard way: trying to fix a problem with it. You’re not alone if you’re not sure how your furnace heats your home – or if you’d like to lower your bills without sacrificing comfort.

Enjoy these tips from the industry’s top technicians:

Want Lower Bills? Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter is supposed to keep particles from clogging up your unit and remove harmful contaminants from the air. For such an important job, most people end up settling for cheap fiberglass filters that just don’t do a good job.

However, those who opt for higher quality filters may sometimes introduce a new problem into the equation. They end up not changing their filters often enough. This mistake can add to the stress on your equipment and lead to a need for frequent repairs or require early system replacement, as well as significantly higher bills.

Want to Pay Even Less? Consider a Heat Pump or Furnace Add-On

Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home. They even do so without a fuel source, which makes them both an incredibly convenient and affordable option in the long-term. Because of the energy savings available, many communities also offer tax breaks or special financing, which lets more homeowners make the switch a reality. However, there are smaller investments you can make to lower your bills as well, such as adding a humidifier to your existing furnace system.

Ready to use these hacks to lower your bills and stay warm all winter long? Talk with Carolina Comfort, Inc. about the perfect HVAC equipment for your property.