What Does an Air Handler Do for My HVAC System?

Do you understand how your heating and air conditioning equipment works?

Heating and air conditioning equipment runs the gamut, from basic space heaters to high-tech humidifying add-ons, and solar-powered heat pumps. Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert in order to keep your system in good shape. Learning the basics isn’t essential, but if you’d like to speed up the repair process, it can help.

An air handler, sometimes referred to as an air handling unit or AHU, is a collection of components that both changes the temperature of the air and moves it around. They’re housed within a large metal box and sometimes are anchored to structure roofs. These units usually contain a heating or cooling element, filter, sound attenuators, dampers, and a blower.

Providing Humidity Control

An important element to maintaining indoor comfort, humidity can be controlled through a few simple methods when using an AHU. For instance, for the purpose of lowering moisture in the air, a unit can be wired to become too cold, leading to condensation, with air later warmed to the desired room temperature. In contrast, there are five different methods to increasing humidity, leading to quite a bit of variety in system setup. This also makes it clear why hiring a professional HVAC technician is imperative when dealing with these kinds of units.

Other common add-ons include mixing chambers – where outdoor air is introduced to indoor air that’s being recirculated – and vibration isolators – which prevent the motion of the components from reverberating throughout the entire system.

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