What Are the Signs that My Air Conditioner Is No Longer Worth Repairing?

Heating and air conditioning equipment can’t last forever.

Whether it’s made by a major manufacturer like Lennox or Trane, or whether it’s a generic brand, your heating and air conditioning equipment can’t last forever. Regular maintenance will help, but at a certain point, you will need a replacement. Not only will it ensure more reliable heating and cooling, but you’ll have lower electric bills all year long and access to new features capable of making a big impact on your comfort and costs.

Here are a few signs your HVAC equipment needs replacing:

  • Your AC is over 10 years old or your furnace is over 15 years old. According to EnergyStar.gov, most units past their prime are behind enough in technology to warrant a replacement versus a repair. They benefit from new designs and features, like air filtering and humidity control. You can also take this opportunity to reassess your home and see if a new style of unit is right for you.
  • It has needed repeated repairs despite being on a maintenance plan. There are many ways to drive an HVAC system into the ground, but those who are taking steps to keep their equipment in good working order shouldn’t be faced with regular problems. If one component after another is failing, it may be best to start looking at your alternatives.
  • You’ve got a lemon. Sometimes, things go wrong from day one. A brand new system that won’t stop cycling, refuses to cool or warm your home or experiences outrageous energy use may be suffering from a fundamental flaw. In these situations, it’s best to root out the problem and install a quality replacement as soon as possible.