Show Me the Money! How to Take Advantage of Federal Solar Incentives

Carolina Comfort, Inc., brings you the skinny on the solar incentives available to our customers. Use these credits to invest in your home, lower your bills and raise your property value while doing something good for the environment. Contrary to popular opinion, being green can be very easy. Let us lead the way.

Federal Credits for Solar-Ready Appliances and for Solar Modules

Two main tax credits available on solar products can be combined and used to foot the majority of the bill for your green initiatives. The first, Federal HVAC Credit 25C, allows for a credit of up to $300 for the installation of a solar-ready heating and cooling device. Carolina Comfort, Inc., has several products for sale meeting the specifications of the credit.

federal solar incentive

Installing a new heat pump or outdoor air conditioner won’t just provide better heating and cooling in your home. Making these decisions also raises property value, and in many places, you won’t see a raise in property tax because of green initiatives. Federal credits are helpful but they aren’t the only help available.

The second federal credit program is Federal Solar Credit 25D. This is the credit without an upward cap you can use to pay for 30% of your solar module purchases and installation. In addition, when paired with an appropriate device, you can be reimbursed up to 9% of the purchase price for a solar-ready equipment model.

Used together, both of these credits can be applied to home improvements to maximize the solar initiatives you get from going green. Enjoy savings now and in the long-term by investing in helpful new solar-friendly heating and cooling equipment.

Find out how you can benefit from solar incentives today. Contact the experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc.

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