Energy Efficiency Tips to Keep your Home Cool

How can you improve energy efficiency without a major investment?

Energy efficiency is relatively easy to improve with just a few adjustments. Nothing is stopping you from replacing older equipment, replacing all of your insulation or even razing your home to build a brand new one—but there’s no reason to go to such lengths. The truth is, there are many reasonable, affordable, and uncomplicated ways to get more out of every ounce of energy you use.


Want to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Try the following:

energy efficient hvac system

Seal duct leaks.

As your home settles over time, the seals in ductwork become loose. Conditioned air can escape through these gaps instead of going where it’s needed. You wind up with rooms feeling warmer than they should, and your first reaction may be to turn the thermostat down even further. Leaking ductwork can be a big source of wasted energy and money. Thankfully, by just covering these seams in special tape, you can prevent those leaks from happening and funnel cooled air to where it will do the most good. A professional can help identify gaps and address the right areas.

Caulk around windows, doors, and outlets.

Drafts in your home can act just like leaks in air ducts. They siphon cool air out of a structure, leading to discomfort and higher bills. Common places to find these leaks are around windows, doors, and electrical outlets. Often, running a thin line of caulk around these areas is enough to help. However, a professional can evaluate your home for areas needing extra work.

Upgrade your thermostat.

While it’s possible to buy a new thermostat from many big box stores, it’s a better idea to hire an HVAC service to install a new model. Why? First, you know it’s being done correctly. Even minor electrical work is beyond the skills of many homeowners today. More importantly, you’ll have an expert train you on the proper way to maximize its features.

More than 90 percent of homeowners ignore their thermostats’ advanced settings and use them exclusively for manual adjustments. When you consider how much recent advancement has been made in climate control, you know that speaking with a pro is a must. Now, not only can you use a cell phone to change or program your thermostat, you can use a predictable model that you never have to program. It bases its adjustments on your normal habits.

You can also set up alerts and reminders for a wide variety of incidents, including weather monitoring and out-of-the-ordinary energy use. Combined, these features result in optimal comfort and significant cost savings.

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