Can a Maintenance Agreement Save Me Money on My Utility Bill?

Maintenance agreements are a smart investment when it comes to maximizing the use of your HVAC and saving on monthly energy costs.

Maintenance agreements typically provide scheduled HVAC service twice each year, but they can have a real impact on your bills every single month. By helping to keep your heating and air conditioning equipment in good condition through scheduled maintenance, you wind up using less energy to regulate the temperature in your home. What’s more, you can prevent unnecessary damage to your HVAC when a qualified technician notices signs of a problem before a breakdown during the maintenance appointments.

hvac maintenance agreement

Achieve More Efficient Heating and Cooling with Maintenance Agreements

Basic maintenance agreements cover filter changes and overall system checks, while premium programs include cleared drains and drain pans, prioritized service calls, savings on parts, and extended 5- and 10-year warranties that protect any work you have done.

Depending on the type of HVAC equipment you own and some other factors, including what kinds of pets you have, you may need more than one filter change per season. Whether you’re using a Heil, Lennox, Rheem, or other quality system, a qualified technician can recommend an appropriate filter changing schedule and clue you into the best brands available. Surprisingly, these types of seemingly small changes can have a big impact on your bills, and it’s one you’ll notice immediately. Using a dirty filter or the wrong kind of filter can increase your HVAC expenses by up to 60 percent, so staying on top of filter changes will create a major cost reduction right away.

More Reliable Heating and Cooling

When temperatures near Columbia dip down toward freezing, you can rest assured your heat will keep running when you have a maintenance plan in place. A system check at the start of the season pinpoints potential problems, allowing you to schedule repairs at convenient times and keep your heat going strong through even the lowest temperatures.

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