What Everyone Is Saying About Heat Pumps

Today’s homeowners want to spend less and create less waste – which is why heat pumps are such a popular option. While these units don’t often get the same kind of attention as furnaces or air conditioners, they can perform double-duty, both cooling and heating the air as needed.

While those who live in a moderate climate see the most benefits, anyone can benefit from investing in this nontraditional HVAC workhorse. Here’s how:

They Use Less Fuel

Heat pumps transfer heat instead of creating it. They use electricity to draw heat away from a heat source and deliver it somewhere else. This can be done to either heat or cool an area, and is often paired with geothermal systems to take advantage of underground temperatures.

heat pumps

Because they use less fuel, they also create less waste. When paired with alternative energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines, they can operate with barely any carbon footprint at all.

They Cost Less

Obviously, using less fuel leads to lower utility bills. Saving 12 months a year is something most homeowners smile about. You save, too, by installing a heat pump instead of other kinds of equipment. By choosing a system that heats and cools, you’re forgoing the expense of purchasing a separate furnace and air conditioner. You’re saving the expense of maintaining and repairing those two systems as well.

Heat pumps can be used in any environment and any climate. Whether or not they are the best system for you depends on your local conditions however, so it’s important to talk to an HVAC professional. Don’t be afraid to consider heat pumps, however. Though they’re just starting to get attention, they aren’t a new invention. They’re well-tested and can go a long way in cutting pollution, as well as your monthly bills.

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