Can Air Conditioning Trigger Asthma?

Poor indoor air quality and health Some air conditioning companies might tout AC as helpful to people with asthma. We stick to the research, so you can work with your AC knowledgeably if you or someone in your family has concerns about breathing cooled air.

Cool Air and Nighttime Asthma

Sleeping in a bedroom with the AC cranked up will (a) cool and (b) dehumidify the air and your own air passages. Research tells us this combination can worsen nighttime asthma.

This is significant for people whose asthma gets worse at night. According to the research, acute asthma attacks can be prevented by breathing warm, humidified air in conjunction with a medical prescription.

Home Maintenance and Health

Maintain your home air quality by avoiding room deodorants or candles that can aggravate asthma. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals. A vinegar-water mix will modify pH as it cleans, making it a powerful force against mold and bacteria.

At the same time, think about whether your home air conditioning system is clean and well maintained. A poorly maintained AC system invites microorganisms connected with asthma, according to indoor environment researcher Mark Mendell of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Simple Steps to Take Today

Fortunately, when it comes to home AC, a few simple changes can be healthful:

  • Close the ducts to your bedroom, preferring fans to cool you at night. Be sure the fan blades are clean.
  • Use a dehumidifier to ease nighttime breathing difficulties.
  • Invest in an air purifier. Carolina Comfort’s air purifier protects your home interior by filtering the air and applying Captures and Kills™ technology, eliminating allergens, pollutants, and pathogens.
  • Change your AC filter (or, on some ductless models, remember to wipe the filter panel clean) at least once every three months—monthly in warm months when you use AC the most. It will be good for your AC system and better for the air you breathe.

Clean your air conditioner’s fins and coils. The best way is to schedule an annual cleaning. Our technicians make cleaning your system part of the annual service routine. You can schedule routine AC maintenance online, and a team member will soon be in touch to discuss your goals and make your appointment.

Home Air Conditioning Services Throughout Greater Columbia, SC

At Carolina Comforts, we understand and appreciate the value you place on your home’s air quality. We feel good when our customers feel safe, comfortable, and supported. So, give us a call to discuss the ways air conditioning maintenance can improve your atmosphere at home.