Article About Temperature Control in Your Residential HVAC System

Residential HVAC systems soak up more of your utility bill than anything else in your home, and for most people, they’re highly ineffective. Your ductwork alone, if in need of attention, can cut system effectiveness by up to 40 percent. Bad insulation, human error, and other common problems can create a financial mess. However, there’s an easy way to reduce costs while improving your comfort levels too.

Improved Temperature Control

Homeowners have been purchasing and using the same types of thermostats for decades, without ever wondering if thermostats could play a role in lowering their costs or raising their energy efficiency. Most properties are equipped with thermostats dating back 10 or 15 years ago or more, regardless of the huge advancements in technology that are seen in every other facet of their homes.

Instead of replacing your thermostat with a cheap discount store unit using last-century technology, talk with the temperature control experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc.

What can we show you?
  • Smart thermostats controllable via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Adjust the temperature while you’re away from home or switch up your pre-programmed heating and cooling schedule.
  • Programmable thermostats have grown by leaps and bounds. Not only can you set changes in temperature weeks in advance, but also with new zoning options, you can adjust temperatures from room to room.
  • Predictive features help your thermostat learn your habits. As you repeatedly adjust warm and cold air to fit your natural habits, your unit begins to adjust the temperature in the future for you, based upon your schedule.
Call Carolina Comfort, Inc. to schedule a new thermostat installation today, and immediately improve the results you can get from residential HVAC systems.