To the Carolina Comfort Family

Coronavirus Killed by Iwave R

As we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 we here at Carolina Comfort Inc. wanted to inform all of you about the precautionary measures we have taken to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. We will continue to be vigilant and proactive with our response to the virus as well as the fluidity of the situation at large.

Below are some of the actions we have taken at this time:

  • Issued official documentation about COVID-19 to all of our staff to help educate them on the situation and the disease itself.
  • Increased the amount of hand sanitizer dispenser stations within the office and stressed the importance of personal hygiene (ie: washing hands) through internal emails/meetings.
  • Created a plan of action for any employee who believes they may have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Continued monitoring of the regional progression of the virus and positioning our team as best we can to take proper action.

Carolina Comfort understands if you feel the need to cancel any appointments at this time due to the extenuating circumstances and want to stress that there are absolutely NO cancellation fees. However, we will continue to do everything we can to keep both you and us safe from COVID-19. Below are a few indoor air-quality products that have released statements about COVID-19 and its association with their product. If you are curious about air purification products to help protect your home, click the links below or give us a call at 803-794-5526.

God bless,
Rich Mitchell, President/CEO


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