What Air Conditioning Specialists Will Tell You About Air Quality


From our years in the HVAC industry, we can tell you one thing: there are a lot more homes and businesses with indoor air quality issues than realize it. And we know how many problems poor indoor air quality can cause. You aren’t just recirculating germs or dealing with the pollutants leaking in from outdoors. Every home has inside sources of dirty air, and they can lead to serious health problems. Mold, mildew, dust, and toxins from furniture and building materials can make you sick.

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How Poor Quality Indoor Air Affects Your Health

Allergy and asthma sufferers aren’t the only people in your home struggling with poor air quality. While contaminants will aggravate these conditions, they can also cause breathing problems in people who would have been healthy otherwise. Families with young children and people with immune deficiencies need to be diligent about keeping indoor air fresh. This goes beyond opening your windows on a regular basis.

Dust, debris, and toxins emanating from plywood or low-quality paint can all take a toll on your health. You may find yourself feeling tired all the time, plagued with headaches, or even feeling depressed. Pollutants can attack your immune system, too, ensuring you’re sick – and stuck at home – more often.

Carolina Comfort, Inc. Knows How to Clear the Air

Because so many factors can contaminate the air, it’s important to assess your air quality and find out exactly what you’re facing. Work with an experienced business like Carolina Comfort, Inc. Our air conditioning specialists have the tools and the training to thoroughly analyze your indoor air, figure out what pollutants are at play, and devise a quick and affordable method for dealing with the problem. Get healthy and happy in no time with a small investment. Your trusted HVAC professionals can show you how today.

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