How to Include Humidity Control in Residential HVAC Systems

Recent advancements in residential HVAC systems make it easier than ever to combat the heavy humidity of summer in the South. Elements, such as ventilation systems, help homeowners in the South keep moisture levels within safe limits. When humidity kicks in, so do dangerous strains of mold and mildew. How can Carolina Comfort, Inc. help you?


The Dangers of High Humidity

High humidity makes people uncomfortable. Because there’s so much water in the air, sweat isn’t absorbed as easily. You wind up feeling warmer and more constrained. Have you ever noticed how irritability and short tempers often accompany muggy, sticky weather? Now you know why.

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Inside your home, humidity has different consequences, many of them invisible to your eye. This problem exists everywhere there’s indoor plumbing, but in areas like the Carolinas, homeowners have additional risks. When your indoor air has over 60% moisture, it encourages the development of dangerous spores. Molds and mildew cause millions in property damage each year, but they hurt humans, too. Asthma, allergies, and a variety of immune problems can be linked to certain varieties of mold.

Fix Humidity Problems with HVAC Components

heating, cooling, and air quality devices can be used together to create a comfortable home environment. You know about how furnaces and air conditioners heat and cool the air, but have you heard of ventilation units and air filtration devices? These components can stand alone or come as add-on components to a comprehensive HVAC setup.

Talk to the experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc. when dealing with humidity problems. Prevent invasion molds and mildews from taking root in your home. Discuss affordable moisture control options today.

Call and find out the latest humidity control options for today’s residential HVAC systems.

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