Can I Recycle My Heating System?

The winter weather has already arrived in many areas of the country and families might be starting to realize that there are problems with their heating system. Some of the issues that families could have noticed include that their heating bills are going up, their furnace is working harder than ever to heat the home, and that there could be odd noises or strange smells coming from the system. These could be clues that it is time to replace the heating system. When families get ready to remove their old system, they might be wondering if they can recycle their old heater before installing the new one.

Can I recycle my heating furnace

Some Parts Can Be Recycled and Reused

The good news is that some parts of the heating system can actually be recycled and used again. Some of the recyclable parts include:

  • The boxes and packaging that the heating system came in
  • The various motors that turn and provide power to the system
  • The electric coils that generate the current to heat the air
  • Sheet metal that is often used to provide the frame to the heating system
  • Compressors which help to transfer the heat to the air
  • The ducts that are used to transfer the air from place to place

What Cannot Be Recycled?

Some portions of the heating system are not able to be reused. Some examples include:

  • The capacitors that transfer electricity throughout the system
  • Some of the small plastic parts that often degrade over time
  • The fiberboard

When it is time to install a new heating system, make sure this is done correctly the first time. Trust the professionals.

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Ultimately, it is challenging for individuals who don’t have experience with heating and cooling to select and install a new heating system. This is where the professionals can provide assistance. Our friendly technicians with Carolina Comfort have been helping families survive the cold winters in the Columbia, SC area for years. We would be more than happy to help families recycle, install, repair, or even perform maintenance on their heating systems. Don’t wait for the snow to hit the ground. Call today to make an appointment!

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