Why is the AFUE Rating Relevant?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency is used to measure the gas furnace efficiency in converting fuel to energy. Hence, a high AFUE rating means a higher energy efficiency and the reverse is true.

The importance of this evaluation is:

To know the efficiency of a boiler system

In this case, the answer is easy: run your fans and air conditioning at the same time. The air movement from a ceiling fan helps to keep the air from stratifying into hot and cold regions. Therefore, you avoid the cold feet/hot head effect that can otherwise happen. 

AFUE rating

The downside is that running fan motors all the time, without cutting your A/C usage, will increase your power bill. The amount of the increase depends on how many fans you run, their size, and their energy efficiency. Only you can decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Helps in knowing the best system that meets your needs

The AFUE ratings should be compared against the heating needs in a household and the energy use. It is therefore essential to know the heating needs in the outside environment precisely. Thus it’s best to seek advice from a professional who will help you choose the best-fitted heating system.

Assists in budgeting

The rating is necessary because it assists in knowing how much to spend on fuel. This is because if one has a heating system with a low rating, then it means that it will burn a lot of fuel to heat the house efficiently thus spending a lot on fuel. Hence a system with a higher AFUE rating will maximize the fuel it has therefore cheaper. It also great assists to shop for furnaces and comparing cost.

The AFUE rating is necessary because more efficiency translates to more heat per unit.It gives guidelines on the effectiveness of the heating systems, and with advice from an electric technician, the customer can know the appliance that best suits their needs. The rating also sheds light on how much fuel is needed by a heating system.

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Posted by Cole Mitchell.

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