How to Tell When Your Furnace Needs Heating Repair

If you’re taking care of preventive maintenance, you should never be surprised by heating repair emergencies. These short visits ensure your system is clean, and free from warning signs. It’s a good idea to invest in seasonal checks so you can take care of repairs before winter kicks in.

When emergencies get missed, however, you can be left in the lurch without heat or an available repairman if you ignore these obvious red flags:

Rotten Eggs

Exposure to natural gas can cause health problems, even death, if breathed in for too long. To make it easier for people to notice leaks, it contains an additive with a nasty smell similar to rotten eggs. If you smell this inside your home, it’s an immediate warning sign. However, even smelling this regularly outside your home could be a sign your unit isn’t running as efficiently as it should be.

Rapid Cycling

Has your furnace started to quickly cycle through heating periods? If it seems like it’s always turning off and on, you should put in a call for heating repair. This isn’t an issue caused by vent blocks or dirty filters. You may have a part going out, so it’s important to get someone on it before you’re heating fails.

furnace repair

Orange Flames

When working properly, your gas furnace should burn with a blue flame. Red, yellow or orange is an indication your natural gas isn’t mixing with your oxygen supply correctly. This can be caused by built-up or worn parts, but could also signal a leak of some kind.

Odd Noises

Every appliance in your house has its normal noises. Bangs, clangs and bumps are a typical part of settling, but when it comes to your furnace, any noise that isn’t regular needs attention. They may indicate worn or loose parts, failing electronics or blockages, all of which can interrupt your service and potentially put your family at risk.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or even what day it is. When your AC unit needs repairs right now, then our emergency HVAC technicians are ready 24/7 to help. If you have an AC emergency that just can’t wait, then call us to get the best emergency service in South Carolina.


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