3 Great Facts About Residential Solar You Might Have Missed

Residential solar power systems are a popular new alternative energy source. You’ve probably heard about this cutting-edge method of energy production. But in between the scientific explanations of how it works, you might have missed these 3 great benefits of installing a solar power system in your home.

1. Residential solar power increases property value

Investing in a solar system will reduce the money you spend on monthly utility expenses. It’s one of the main reasons so many people invest in clean energy, to begin with. But did you also know that cost analyses have shown homes with residential solar installations increase their long-term market value? Property tax rates stay the same while property value increases. This means that not only do these homes cost less to power in the present; they will also be more valuable in the future.

residential solar power

2. The Time Is Now

Residential solar power is in a very rare window. Starting in 2008, residential clean energy systems have been endorsed and rewarded with financial breaks. It’s a new market, and exists at local, state, and federal levels. But this kind of window won’t stay open forever. As solar energy becomes more popular and mainstream, the government will offer fewer financial opportunities for clean energy investments.

3. You Can Achieve Energy Independence

Most homes with renewable energy systems are not fully self-sufficient. When you invest in residential solar power, your home becomes less tethered to traditional power grids. This gives each home more control over their power supply and generates awareness about power consumption. It’s an empowering and informative perspective on where energy comes from and what it costs to produce.

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