3 Great Reasons NOT to Turn Your AC Temperature Up or Off When Nobody’s Home

As HVAC professionals in South Carolina, we hear a lot of old wives’ tales about how to save money on your cooling during the summer. From Aluminium foil on the windows to spray foaming every empty space in your home, many of these do not help save you money and in themselves can be costly. But none is more common than turning your AC off when you are not home. So, first let’s answer the question, should you or not?

Should You Turn Your A/C Off or Up When Nobody’s Home?

The title might be a spoiler, but the answer is that you shouldn’t turn off your AC or turn it up when you’re not home. This answer will differ depending on what climate you live in, but it’s pretty unanimous across South Carolina – you want to keep your AC on at all times.

In colder areas, it might make sense to power down the AC while you’re away. We don’t have the same luxury around these parts. Our summers are simply too hot and humid.

Should you turn of your ac when nobody is home?

If you decide to turn off your AC, take a look at how long it takes your home’s temperature to go back down after turning it on. Every second it takes is money wasted in the grand scheme of things. You’re fighting an uphill battle every time. Your unit is working way too hard to stabilize the temperature in the high heat and humidity.

When this happens, you’re looking at more frequent AC repairs. All the while, you’re wasting money and feeling more uncomfortable. There are three big reasons why you want to keep your AC on and at the right temperature here in South Carolina. Let’s take a look at them.

#1:Letting Your A/C Run Saves You Money

A big reason why people turn off their AC is to save money. Did you know that you’re probably wasting money by turning it off? A lot of people realize that your HVAC is one of the biggest energy users in your home. Following that logic, the longer you run your AC, the more expensive your bill is, right? Well, not exactly.

When your AC is off, naturally your home’s interior temperature and humidity levels go up. During a hot South Carolinian day, they go way, way up. When you come home and turn your AC on, it has a lot of catching up to do.

In the world of HVAC, “catching up” equates to a huge waste of energy and money. Your system might strain to take your interior temperatures down to where you set the thermostat.

#2: Leaving Your A/C On Prevents Excess Humidity, Mold, and Bugs

Humidity, mold, and bugs – three of the most hated things. They can all lead to a more uncomfortable experience in your home, and they can all be stopped by simply keeping your AC on.

In reality, the mold and bugs show up thanks to the high humidity. If your AC is off when you’re out of the house, your home’s humidity level can skyrocket. This is because your air conditioning doesn’t just cool down your home’s air, it also controls its humidity.

As the humidity goes up, so does the amount of mold and bugs in your house. A quick fix is to keep your unit on at all times.

Letting your ac run actually saves money

#3: Keeping the A/C On Provides Comfort 24/7

Finally, you need to think about your family’s comfort. During a hot day, you might come home to a house with interior temperatures in the upper-80s. No one wants to deal with that miserable heat. It could take hours for your home to become comfortable. Going through this every day is just needlessly uncomfortable. Rather than sweat it out, you can just keep your AC on while you’re out. The result? 24/7 comfort in the place that you need it most – your home.

Learn More About HVAC Best Practices from the Pros

Make sure you keep your AC on and at the right temperature at all times. If you decide to crank the temperature up or turn the unit off, you’ll face excessive humidity, wasted money, and less comfort in your home. For more tips and professional HVAC help, contact Carolina Comfort today. We’re here to keep your family comfortable and help you save money in the long run.


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