What Are the Benefits of Using a UV Light System for My Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Learn how UV lights improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be seven times worse than the polluted air outdoors. Cleaning chemicals, dust mites, and the presence of mold can make anyone can suffer. Often the colds people think they have are really a result of these contaminants infiltrating their nasal passages. UV light systems can help destroy these particles and clean up your indoor air. For residents in humid climates like Columbia, they are particularly effective.

UV light bulb

Here are just a few benefits of using a sanitizing UV light HVAC system:


Sterilize essential HVAC components

There are different types of UV add-ons for your heating and cooling equipment. Simple sterilization lights placed near the air handler coil maintains a sterile, germ and mold free environment in your home.

Prevents algae growth in drain pan and line

Algae is a common problem in drain lines, and if it gets bad enough to clog a drain, water damage can result. This problem is more common in hot and humid areas like ours in South Carolina, making UV prevention an even better investment. They kill algae growth before it even begins, ensuring a clear and functioning drain system.

Increased efficiency

Because a UV system keeps your indoor coil clean, it also beefs up efficiency, ensuring lower bills and higher levels of comfort year round.

Increased indoor smells

As particles are broken down and eradicated, so are the smells they bring with them. Homes featuring these HVAC components naturally smell cleaner and fresher. That’s a benefit worth the cost all in itself for some homeowners.

Particle free air

A different kind of UV protection is housed in the return air duct and sterilizes incoming air as it circulates through your house. Unlike ionizing air purification units which only improve the smell of the air, studies prove that sterilizing UV lighting really does reduce contaminants that cause health problems. However, they must be sterilizing UV lights and not generic UV lights you might purchase for other applications like aquariums.

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