How Are the Sizing Capacities of Heating and Cooling Systems Measured?


How much Heating and Air Conditioning power do you need?

Homeowners who make mistakes when installing their own heating and air conditioning units often make their biggest blunder before the equipment even arrives. If you select the wrong size of unit, your system will always struggle to service your home.


Here are a few factors that play into how much power you really need:


HVAC power

Interior Spaces

Some HVAC service providers use structure size as a way of explaining how big of a unit you might need. This confuses people who don’t have industry experience. These figures are based on averages of newer homes with average insulation. It’s a model that ignores major elements that play into sizing which can make or break your experience. Here are some questions to consider.

  • Too Small? Your equipment will work continuously, wasting tons of energy and leading to early wear and tear.
  • Too Big? Your system will cycle on and off, wasting tons of energy and leading to early wear and tear.

Going bigger is no better than buying a system that’s too small to adequately condition your property.

Structural Integrity

There are places in Columbia, SC known especially for their grand, old architecture. As beautiful as they are, these structures have gaps and problem spots. Air sealing can help, but homeowners don’t always feel comfortable modifying original materials for the sake of modern convenience. Whether you’re installing a new Trane, Rheem, Heil, or Lennox HVAC setup, you’ll need to account for the realities of living in an historic home.


Similarly, insulation becomes less effective over time. You may want to update your insulation before a heater or air conditioner replacement. Just work with someone who realizes how these changes will impact your HVAC needs.

Before you replace your heating and air conditioning equipment, contact the experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc. We can review your home to let you know how much power you’ll need and explain in-depth what unit measurements mean.

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