Do You Have Control Over Your Comfort? 3 Mind-Blowing Smart Thermostat Options

There are three basic smart thermostat designs, each offering their own benefits. All help to increase your comfort while reducing wasted energy. By making the switch to a smart thermostat, you’ll start saving big on your utility bills every month.

1. Smart Grid thermostats maximize green city initiatives.

If you live in an area where the electric company is using Smart Grid technology, you can request a special thermostat designed specifically for use with the program. These thermostats are very accurate as they measure energy usage and how it is being used. This information allows you, the user, to make needed adjustments to reach maximum efficiency with your heating and cooling and to save significant amounts of money. While the technology isn’t yet available everywhere, it is expanding rapidly – so ask today!

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2. Predictive thermostats learn your habits, adjusting your home temperature before you do.

If you have a regular schedule, but you’re always forgetting to program your thermostat, a predictive unit can save you a significant amount of money. Some models can be accessed through Wi-Fi, while other units also monitor light, moisture, and outdoor weather conditions to better deliver on your HVAC needs.

3. Wi-Fi smart thermostats allow you to analyze your HVAC use and make adjustments from anywhere.

No one wants to return home to an uncomfortable house, but unless you have a fairly regular schedule, programmable thermostats won’t always let you keep a comfortable home. A smart thermostat connected to your Wi-Fi connection can help. These units can be adjusted from anywhere, using any computer, tablet, or smartphone, so your home is always as warm or cool as you’d like it to be.

Save money by ensuring every dollar you spend on heating and cooling is put to good use. Contact us at Carolina Comfort, Inc. to find out about the latest models of smart thermostats available.

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