How Can I Prevent Allergies Inside My Home?

Learn how to Clean up your Indoor Air Quality Overnight

Poor indoor air quality can have a big impact on your body. In fact, those summer allergies may be caused by nothing more than the dirty air inside your home. Improve your symptoms and get immediate relief with one of the following methods.

You can improve your indoor air—and your health—immediately with these tips:

Change your furnace filter.

Because changing a furnace filter looks so straightforward, a surprising number of homeowners get it wrong. They don’t purchase the right type of filter or don’t change it often enough, leading to unfiltered air circulating through your dusty vents and being piped throughout your home. Make sure to look for a furnace or A/C filter with a MERV rating of 6 or higher, and change it every 4 – 6 weeks.

prevent allergies

Add an air filtration unit to your HVAC system.

Today’s technology allows for a number of add-ons. Treat the quality of your air before it’s dispersed throughout your home. Units made by manufacturer’s like Fresh-Aire UV deliver a one-two punch to indoor pollution, first by filtering contaminants from the air and then sterilizing them with a specially created UV light.

Clear the chemicals out of your home.

Toxic cleaners were once the only option for people who didn’t want to risk mixing cleaning solutions on their own. Today, nearly every brand carries products anyone can use to safely and effectively eradicate dirt, germs, and grime indoors. You can get a quick kick-start on clean air by using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Schedule an air filter installation today with Carolina Comfort, Inc., and immediately achieve safer, better smelling the indoor air.

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