3 Facts About Air Conditioners That Will Surprise and Amaze You

The average air conditioner has changed significantly over just the past five years. If you haven’t stayed abreast of the latest advancements, the newest features and benefits will surprise and astound you. Take a look at these amazing facts before you purchase your next system:

1. Units are now rated for noise.

If your air conditioner is fairly old, it’s a hummer. In the 70s and 80s, noise-reduction technology wasn’t at all advanced. Today, a homeowner can purchase an air conditioner so quiet you can’t tell when it’s running. Pay attention to decibels when it comes to noise, but expect to pay more for ultra-quiet models.

hvac unit

2. New ductless systems can keep you cool for thousands less

Split systems pair separate outdoor and indoor units and connect them through tubes and wire. No ventilation is needed, drastically reducing installation costs when ducts aren’t already in place.

3. Smart thermometers now adjust temperatures for you.

When you have a new system installed, it makes sense to upgrade your thermostat, too. New smart options use predictive technology, essentially programming themselves based on your behaviors.

The world of heating and cooling has changed to become more cost – and energy – effective. Speak with a professional when deciding the best way to update your HVAC equipment. Your options may surprise you.

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