How Does a Heat Pump Provide Year Round Comfort?


Heat pumps control heating and air conditioning for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

A number of devices beyond furnaces and air conditioners are capable of providing heating and air conditioning service. Heat pumps are energy efficient products many homeowners ignore. Learning more about how they work may help you tap into an efficient and affordable technology.


Here’s how heat pumps work:

heat pumps

The average summer temperature in Columbia, SC is 87 degrees. Most homeowners like to keep their homes cooled to at least 76 degrees, some even lower. To do that, an air conditioner has to create a lot of cold air and pump it through your hot home. A heat pump works in a fundamentally different way.

A heat pump pumps heat!

The name of this type of HVAC equipment leads to a lot of confusion, but it really shouldn’t. A heat pump doesn’t create cold air or create heat. It simply moves heat from the indoors to the outdoors, or vice versa.

A heat pump uses very little electricity.

Compared to a furnace, a heat pump can keep you comfortably warm for around 40 percent less electricity. Why? All a heat pump is doing is helping the transfer of heat. It doesn’t have to burn fuel in order to condition air.

Different types of pumps provide different levels of savings.

There are two major types of heat pumps. The first transfers heat found in the air, and the second transfers heat found in the ground or in water. The second, also known as “geothermal,” can provide savings of up to 60 percent. Geothermal pumps are also known for lasting much longer than traditional HVAC equipment.

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