2 Ways to Help Your Gas Furnace Make Your Home More Efficient


Today’s gas furnaces are manufactured to run efficiently, but nothing is perfect. The harder your gas furnace works, the more fuel it has to burn to heat your home or business. The result is higher utility bills and more pollution and resource depletion.

The benefits found in living as environmentally friendly as possible can’t be overlooked. Smog and air-bound grime contribute heavily to health problems like asthma and allergies, and certain elements have been proven to cause cancer. Unfortunately, we do things every day to reduce furnace effectiveness.


Follow these simple tips to make your home or business HVAC system perform at its best.


1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Thermostats are inexpensive and generally are very easy to install. A small $5 device and four AAA-batteries could wind up saving you hundreds of dollars a month just by automatically changing the temperature while you’re out of the house. Unfortunately, out of habit or out of comfort, this is an easy way to optimize your heating expenses.

Figure out how to program your thermostat and set it for four degrees lower while you’re away from home. In the summer, of course, you’d set your home’s temperature a few degrees higher. Don’t go to extremes, though. The lower the temperature, the harder your furnace will have to work to warm it back up.

You can set it lower your home’s temperature while you’re at school or work as well, and have it adjusted to a warmer setting by the time you get back home.

You can also find more expensive predictive thermometers. These units adjust the temperature in your home based on a wide variety of factors, and enjoy wireless connection to the internet, allowing you to change the temperature via computer or cell phone.

2. Return to Cheap Air Filters

One walk through the air filter aisle will show thoughtful homeowners a big problem in home HVAC services. While manufacturers have been striving toward more and more efficient equipment, filter manufacturers have been working against those advancements with ultra-dense filters they recommend for clearing the air of allergens and molds.

Unfortunately, these thick filters make your furnace work twice as hard. It’s much better to discuss air filtration equipment with your HVAC service team. Those filters aren’t just padded, they’re expensive. You may find installing a filtration add-on to your vent system is much cheaper and easier on your other components than using special filters throughout the year.

Call for more tips on optimizing your gas furnace.

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