Improving indoor air quality is much easier with the right tools.

Columbia homeowners know the importance of indoor air quality, but it’s not always easy to determine what affects it the most. Will dusting every day help the problem, or is regular vacuuming a part of keeping indoor air safe? You may be surprised by the answers.

indoor air quality

Here are the top ways to improve the quality of air in your home:

Pick a filter with a high MERV rating.

Most homeowners purchase the cheapest furnace filters available, thinking those beefier options are for people with severe allergies. The HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner does do a great job of managing pet hair and dander, and it will prevent those particles from circulating as much around your house. However, you can apply the same idea to your HVAC system. There are HEPA filters available for heating and cooling, but they may not be necessary. Other options range from 4 to 15 MERV ratings. Anything above 12 is going to do a more-than-decent job of removing contaminants from the air, so there are plenty of good options from which homeowners can choose.

Change your buying habits.

One of the biggest problems with indoor air is the amount of toxic chemicals hanging around after you clean. Changing the products you buy is a huge factor and often costs nothing at all. Look for products based on natural ingredients or those proven to be safe. You can also switch to non-particle board furniture, non-fire resistant materials and VOC-free paints and varnishes to help reduce common indoor air pollution.

Invest in an air purifier.

Skip the units you see being hawked on TV. Most create just enough ozone for the air to smell clean, but not enough to truly sanitize anything. Instead, focus on professional-grade air purifiers that combine a high-powered air filter with UV lights for eradicating problematic particles. Humidity control can also help, and it has the ability to improve comfort while lowering your monthly bills as well.

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