3 Secrets about Air Quality You Should Know When Considering Residential HVAC Systems

The quality of your indoor air is crucially important to the health and safety of your family, but it may not be something you think about on a regular basis. The only time you notice the quality of the air you’re breathing is when it’s poor. This can affect people with sensitive respiratory systems or allergies, and ultimately compromises the immune system.

If you feel like airborne contaminants are affecting your health, you may need to have a professional assess the quality of your indoor air system and make any necessary improvements or repairs.

good indoor air quality

1. Harmful pollutants can compromise the efficiency of any system, making it less productive and putting residents at risk of getting sick.

HVAC systems, which provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, need to be as clean and safe as possible, and our team of experienced technicians at Carolina Comfort, Inc. are dedicated to ensuring that every home is operating at maximum efficiency.

2. Mold is more common than you think.

It’s actually the most common culprits of poor indoor air quality. Spores grow undetected by homeowners and can have a serious impact on health and wellness. If you notice chronic cold-like symptoms or repeated allergy flare-ups, call for an inspection as soon as possible to see if your system has been exposed to contaminants.

3. HVAC systems can keep your home safe.

By circulating clean air on a regular basis, HVAC systems flush out pet dander, dust, and other substances that put you at risk.

For more information about the importance of good indoor air quality or to have your HVAC system checked, call us today!

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