Can You Do Zoning with Smart Thermostats?

Lennox Smart ThermostatMost homes in Columbia, SC consist of multiple spaces or zones for different purposes. For instance, your house will have a living space, a kitchen, bedroom, and perhaps a home office. Each one of these rooms is treated as an independent heating/cooling zone. This means that you have to necessarily heat/cool all the zones at the same time.

When you wake up early in the morning, and you are preparing your coffee, you will want your kitchen to be warm instead of your living room or bedroom. Similarly, when you go to bed at night, you don’t need your kitchen to be heated. However, most people tend to treat their homes as a single heating/cooling block regardless of the setup.

One of the top benefits of dividing your property into multiple heating/cooling zones is that you can easily optimize comfortable temperature when you need it, where you need it which helps you save a lot of money when it comes to your energy bills by eliminating wasteful heating and cooling. The big question that most homeowners ask themselves is; can you do zoning with a smart thermostat? Well, the answer to this question can either be yes or no depending on how you approach the whole issue of zoning. Read on to discover more.

Different Ways to Set Up Heating/Cooling For Multiple Zones in Your Home

There are two unique ways you can use to divide your house into multiple heating/cooling zones; the sensor-based method and the system based method.

  • Sensor-based zoning: The sensor-based zoning method utilizes different sensors to optimize the temperature in each zone. This method will work well if you have a central thermostat that controls the temperature of your home. This thermostat will read the temperature of the room where it is installed, and heat/cool the room until it achieves that specific temperature.
  • However, the problem with sensor-based zoning becomes evident when your smart thermostat is installed in one of the larger spaces such as your living room. Keep in mind that it will most likely take longer to heat/cool your living room that it does to heat/cool your kitchen.

  • System-based zoning: This is a relatively simple concept to grasp. You have multiple heating/cooling zones in your home because you have various heating and cooling systems you can control individually. This means that you will install more than one thermostat in every zone. This is the most efficient and easiest way of realizing significant energy savings through zoning.

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