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Most homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs on their heating and cooling bills. Some homeowners are also looking for ways to mitigate the presences of hot or cool spots in their home, and to ensure that they get even heating and cooling throughout the house. Zoned heating and cooling systems accomplish both tasks.

Carolina Comfort Zone First

ZONEFIRST HVAC, Carolina Comfort’s zoning systems, one of the premier zone providers in the country.


What is Zoned Heating and Cooling?

Zoned air conditioning and heating are simple in practice. These systems give you thermostat control over individual rooms in your home. So instead of having a single thermostat controlling every room in your home, you have individual thermostats and controls for multiple rooms (or a single thermostat that controls multiple rooms individually).


Save Money and Prevent Energy Waste with an HVAC Zoning System

Whole-house heating and cooling can be incredibly inefficient. That’s because, in order to maintain a regular temperature throughout the house, your HVAC system must run to heat key areas regardless of how warm or cold other areas of the house are.  But with a multi-zone thermostat, you can prevent that wasteful use of energy by selectively managing rooms that heating and cooling.

Even better, you can make sure that specific rooms are hotter or colder, depending on your needs. Cool down occupied rooms or make sure that no heat or ac runs in unoccupied rooms.

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ZONEFIRST Zoning Systems

ZONEFIRST developed some of the first zoning dampers in the 1950s and have expanded their offerings to whole-home zone systems. Whether you need specialty thermostat zone control dual zone HVAC, or more extensive multi-zone thermostats, ZONEFIRST has the technology.

Carolina Comfort works with ZONEFIRST to provide our customers with the highest-quality zone systems.


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Looking for a new solution to maximize your heating and cooling? Are you looking for technology that can save you money on your heating and cooling system? Then Carolina Comfort and zoned heating and cooling systems from ZONEFIRST can help.

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