Why Does My Skin Feel Dry All Winter?

Did you know that winter weather can impact your indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality suffers throughout the year with the allergens that spring and fall can bring to the hot and sticky summer weather South Carolina is (in)famous for. How does winter change things? You’d be surprised. Don’t worry, homeowners have many options for improving comfort.

Cold Air is Thirsty

Cold air has a hard time retaining moisture, keeping it constantly thirsty for more, so the moisture in your clothes, hair, and skin is often wicked away by the air. This can leave you feeling itchy or tender, but it also impacts your health. The cold air wicks moisture away from your sinuses and mucous membranes too. In addition to leaving you feeling sore and achy, this makes you more likely to succumb to germs.

Regulating Indoor Humidity

It makes sense to use a humidifier during the winter to improve your indoor air quality. Trane, Lennox, and other top brands make equipment that can add moisture to the air without going overboard. That’s important too. Indoor air that’s too humid quickly leads to mold and mildew. However, the biggest benefit to going with an HVAC brand you can trust is in purchasing a unit that hooks onto your furnace and can be adjusted through your thermostat.

You don’t have to go high-tech to raise indoor humidity levels, but the convenience, cost savings, and consistent indoor air quality more than outweighs the expense. Contact Carolina Comfort, Inc. to add a humidifier to your heating and cooling setup. Contact us or call to schedule your installation today.