Why Does My AC Shut off before I’m Comfortable?

This common heating and air conditioning problem is easy to fix.

It’s easy to go into a panic-mode when your heating and air conditioning equipment isn’t working correctly, but many problems can be fixed without a huge expense. For instance, if your AC shuts off before your home is sufficiently cool, the problem could be as simple as a dirty filter. Instead of ignoring reality—and huge bills—tackle this problem head-on with the knowledge that fixing it will most likely be easier on the wallet than you expect.

Here are just a few reasons your AC may be working improperly:

Your thermostat is going out.

Most HVAC calls are due to power issues. The second most common culprit? Thermostats. These inexpensive gadgets are easy to test and to switch out. You can check your unit yourself simply by switching your thermostat to fan or increasing or lowering your temperature a few degrees and waiting to see how your air conditioner responds.

You may have leaks in your ductwork.

The tubing that runs from your air conditioner to each room of your house gets old after a while and can develop gaps. Cold air leaks out these gaps and goes on to cool areas of your home where you likely won’t benefit, such as the spaces between the walls.

Your condenser coil may be dirty.

Your condenser coil is the part of your air conditioning system that creates the cold air. If it’s dirty, it can’t perform its job very well. Unfortunately, dirt and grime builds up over time. That’s one reason Cool Zone customers get a free condenser cleaning with every AC system check.