What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat on to Save Money While Still Being Comfortable?

Learn ways to hack your home’s energy efficiency.

You don’t have to sacrifice to practice energy efficiency or suffer in discomfort to see real financial benefits. There are easy ways to stay comfortable and keep the thermostat set to a reasonable temperature. That’s true even in sultry South Carolina. Keep reading to learn what you can do to achieve the goals of staying comfortable and saving money.

Temperature and Productivity

Both schools and businesses have studied the impact of temperature on productivity. Not surprisingly, the cooler it is, the more people are paying attention and focusing on doing work. The results are in and to get the most productivity from your employees, students or even family members, 71 to 72 degrees is ideal.

Unfortunately, cooling your home to that extent is also going to tax your budget. Experts often recommend turning up the heat in the summer months to save money. An adjustment from 76 degrees to 78 degrees, for instance, can save $25 off of your bill each month.

Temperature and Sleep

Hot, sticky summer nights can be miserable, and without a good night’s rest, you’ll be more irritable and uncomfortable during waking hours. Sleep scientists have discovered the key to getting the best rest lies around 68 degrees for those who wear pajamas and use covers. Any lower than 65 degrees—or higher than 75 degrees—and you’ll struggle to stay asleep or to sleep as deeply.

Temperature When You’re Away

The good news is you can change the temperature when you leave your home, either manually or by using a programmable thermostat. You can crank the AC once you get home without worry and without offsetting the cost of turning it down while you’re away.

It’s estimated that less than 10 percent of homeowners with a programmable thermostat use those advanced features, so now there are devices developed by trusted names like Honeywell to control your home’s temperature remotely or to predict your absences. Teaching yourself how to use these smart devices can give you the savings you need to be comfortable all the time. Turn the temperature down when you need it low, and use available tools to turn things up when no one’s around.

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