What Services Are Performed with My Cool Zone Service Agreement?

What’s the best way to compare maintenance agreements?

Maintenance agreements are commonly offered by heating and cooling companies. They provide you with affordable seasonal maintenance plans, but what that means can vary greatly between companies. They often come with extra perks, so it’s important to compare the details before investing in a plan.

Look at all you can get through the My Cool Zone plan:

Two system tune-ups a year, including:
  • Safety control checks
  • Voltage and amperage checks
  • Thermostat calibration check
  • Starter and electrical connection checks
  • Condenser coil and drain checks and cleanings
  • Operating pressure and temperature check
  • Air flow and blower check
  • Refrigerant charge level check
  • Part lubrication
In addition, Carolina Comfort, Inc. provides customers with the following fringe benefits:
  • Discounts of 10 percent on repair parts
  • Priority service calls
Comparing Apples to Apples

The real savings behind maintenance agreements is found in their potential to prevent expensive breakdowns when the weather gets bad. That potential is limited when your HVAC tech only does a basic check of your system. Ask for details on what is checked and what work is performed. The most common problems that stop a furnace from working are provided for in My Cool Zone.

What’s the second biggest selling point of a quality maintenance plan? Prioritized service. We reward our loyal customers by pushing them to the head of the line when multiple people need work done. The policy helps every one of our customers, however, as it’s faster to fix equipment you’re familiar with. The quicker we can move through member repair calls, the sooner all of our clients will enjoy safe and comfortable homes.

In every decision made at Carolina Comfort, Inc., our hearts are with our community. That’s why we’ve won a CMUS Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award for the last three years running and why we provide robust maintenance agreements to everyone in the Columbus area.

Contact Carolina Comfort, Inc., to become a My Cool Zone member and take advantage of some of the highest value maintenance agreements available. Call today!