What Does it Mean to be EPA Certified?

EPA certified repairThe mission of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is to protect human life and the environment. In keeping with this agenda, the EPA has a certification program for HVAC Technicians. As part of the Clean Air Act technicians who have any contact with refrigeration equipment which can mean maintenance, service of the disposal of the equipment must take and pass an EPA-approved test administered by an EPA- approved certifying organization. This is not optional, it is required by law.

Clean Air Act

Section 608 of the Clean Air Act deals with the training required of those who work on air conditioning and refrigeration. It was created to make sure that refrigerants like R-22 won’t be released into the air where they deplete the Ozone Layer and contribute to global warming. Refrigerants like R-22 are being phased out and technicians need to know about their replacement options.

EPA Certification

All HVAC technicians must earn at least one EPA certification, there are four available. Which one or ones that they get depend on what types of equipment they will be working on. After receiving the certification, technicians are only allowed to release minute amounts of harmful refrigerants while they are performing their job.

Technicians have to follow the EPA guidelines for addressing leaks and for the disposal of any refrigerants or equipment. They are also required to keep meticulous records of the purchase of refrigerants and the laws applying to used equipment disposal.

Types of Certification

The four types of EPA Certification are:

  • Type l: Small Appliances
  • Type 2: Medium to Large High-Pressure Appliances
  • Type 3: Low-Pressure Appliances
  • Universal: All Appliances
  • Each of the certifications has a different test however, some topics will be required for all of the certifications. Among the topics that are covered are Ozone Depletion, Section 608 Regulations, the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol and the Three R Definitions (Recovery, Recycle, Reclaim). These are not all of the core topics, there are quite a few others but this is enough to give a general idea of the depth of knowledge required.

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