What Does Emergency Heat Do?

Learn when to use “Emergency Heat” mode while using a heat pump for heating and air conditioning.

These days, heating and air conditioning isn’t considered just a luxury. For certain people, it’s essential to staying healthy, and that’s as true in Columbia as it is up in Anchorage. For the elderly, the very young, and those with chronic health problems, a malfunctioning furnace during the coldest months in the winter can lead to serious health problems and even a trip to the hospital. Such catastrophes can be avoided by staying on top of maintenance and repairs and by understanding when to use the emergency settings on your heating system.

Heat Pumps and Emergency Settings

When the temperatures start to drop, many homeowners with heat pumps are tempted to switch their systems to “Emergency Heat.” While staying warm in winter is important, making this change is not a good idea. Your heat pump will automatically begin heating your home as it gets colder, and if the backup electricity element is needed, it will start on its own.

Turning your system to “Emergency Heat” ensures that the backup element is always activated, which unnecessarily drives up your bills and places additional stress on your unit. A heat pump can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs when maintained and operated properly. Enjoy all the benefits by staying out of “Emergency Heat” mode, unless there is a true emergency requiring heat.

When to Use Emergency Heat

The only time you should be using emergency heat mode on your heat pump is while waiting for repairs. It’s truly for emergencies only, and you can damage your unit by using it for your main source of comfort control during the winter. Used appropriately, a heat pump can reduce your bills by roughly 30 percent while providing more than enough warmth during normal operation.

Purchasing one unit capable of both heating and air conditioning can greatly reduce your bills, as long as it’s used the right way. If you are ready for professional heating and air conditioning services or heat pump installation, contact our friendly staff at Carolina Comfort, Inc. today by calling today!