What Can an Improved Air Filtration System Do for My Home?

Are you struggling with poor indoor air quality?

Many homeowners don’t realize the impact indoor air quality has on their health. We know car exhaust can hurt our lungs and expose us to carcinogens, but somehow, the same risks posed by cleaning solutions, paint fumes, and mildew or mold fly right under the radar. Thankfully, unlike the outdoors, you can use an air filter inside to clear away contamination.

Avoid Asthma, Allergies, and Worse

The Environmental Protection Agency is leading the push toward cleaner indoor air. In November, the agency awarded $4.5 million in grants to groups focused on reducing indoor pollutants for people living in poverty. A disproportionate amount of the nation’s asthma sufferers are children from low-income homes. If the government is willing to provide air filtration and safety education to those who can’t afford it, it should clearly be a priority for those who can.

Homeowners in Columbia, SC have access to high-quality Fresh-Air UV whole-house air purifiers through Carolina Comfort, Inc. These purifiers attack the three main types of pollutants—VOCs, molds, and particulates. The Purity purifier, for instance, has a filter with a MERV rating of 11 kept fresh with UV add-ons.

How It Works

Many purifiers can be hooked straight to your heating and cooling equipment. As air flows through your system, it moves through the filter and harmful elements are retained as clear air passes through onto the rest of your home. Once captured, a UV light sterilizes and destroys these contaminants. The light shining on the filter activates special odor-absorbing properties, allowing the purifier to neutralize harmful gasses.

As an added benefit, the filter helps remove odors from your home right along with any potential health hazards. It’s an easy and relatively affordable way to protect your health.

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