What Are the Benefits of a Zoned Air System?

What would you do if you love a warm room, your daughter enjoys a cool one, and your son wants some cold? Well, some of you have to compromise unless you have a zoned air system installed in your home.

What is a zoned air system?

A zoned air system is a heating and cooling technique that regulates and redirects temperature customized air to certain areas or rooms in your home. As a result, each room (zones) has customized temperature for comfort and efficiency.

Do you need zoned air system?

Every household requires a zoned heating and cooling system. In our homes, we have rooms that are either too cold or very hot. Every family member also has unique temperature preferences.

Here are some benefits of zoned air systems in your home:

Energy Efficiency

A zoning system reduces electricity consumption significantly to cool or warm a house. Unlike previous heating and cooling systems, zoned ones provide temperature customized air to a specific room when required and not the entire house. Reports indicate that when used with thermostats, they can reduce the electricity bills by approximately 30%.

Enhanced Comfort

By customizing room temperatures, your home provides state of the art comfort. Your guests and family members will not be worrying about changes in temperature since regulation is just a click of a button away. Furthermore, during winter and summer, rooms with extreme temperature fluctuations will be a thing of the past.

Upgrading an Existing system

If you have an already existing heating and cooling system, upgrading it is possible. However, it’s not a DIY thing. You need the services of experienced professionals to ascertain the condition of your system and items you may need for upgrading.

In most cases, you will require the following:
  • Zone control panel
  • Zone dampers
  • Thermostat
  • Bypass damper

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