Residential Extended Warranty

WarrantyWhen we say Carolina Comfort stands behind every installation, every repair, and every part we sell, we mean it. Our ten-year extended parts and labor warranty program is unmatched in our industry or region.

Our products are unmatched in quality and value, but even the highest-quality parts sometimes suffer mechanical failure. With the extended warranty there is little to no cost to you for 10 full years. Under the Manufactured warranty, if a coil fails it is covered. But there are miscellaneous costs that are not covered like: Silver Solder, Nitrogen, Refrigerant, Filter Driers, Torch, Vacuum & Recovery charges and most of all Labor. These miscellaneous costs could easily add up to $1,700.00 dollars that the customer would have to absorb.

With the Premium Protection Plan, all the items would be covered 100% for a full 10 years.

With any Carolina Comfort, Inc. installed HVAC system; we will offer our customers a Premium Protection Plan Extended Warranty that covers the complete system, parts and labor, including the thermostat, for 10 years.

Our Premium Protection Plan is a convenient and affordable Extended Warranty that provides you with “Guaranteed Peace of Mind” knowing you are protected against unexpected repairs for your HVAC System. Premium Protection Plan is backed by three A-rated insurance underwriters giving you and your family the Carolina Comfort you deserve.

Our plan provides comprehensive protection against any unexpected mechanical failures that your HVAC system might have during the Extended Warranty period. Premium Protection Plan offers up to 10 years of a peace of mind guarantee.

On average, the cost of the Protection Plan is equal to only pennies a day. The cost of the Protection Plan will vary based on Purchase Day.

Here’s How It Works:

Carolina Comfort Ready to Help You This warranty must be purchased at the time of install to qualify for special pricing. If not purchased upfront, Warranty can be added at any time during the 1st year at normal pricing. The system must have been registered for 91 days before a claim can be filed!

Units up to 2 years old can qualify for our 10-year extended warranty.

How is this for a selling point, should your warranty outlast your time owning your home? If you sell your home, your extended warranty goes with it! With the Premium Protection Plan Extended Warranty, the plan is fully transferable at no cost to you or the new homeowner, adding additional value and benefit to the sale of your home and business!

Just call Carolina Comfort, Inc.’s Total Comfort Service Center 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Cool Zone Service Agreement

Service Agreement Benefits

Every member of the Cool Zone will receive two system tune-ups each year – one in the spring and one in the fall.

These Comprehensive Tune-Ups Include:
  • Electrical connections checked
  • Starting capabilities checked
  • Voltage and amperage checked on motors
  • Moving parts lubricated if needed
  • Safety controls checked
  • Condenser coil checked and cleaned in the spring
  • Condensation drain cleaned in the spring
  • Operating Pressures checked
  • Refrigerant charge levels checked
  • Blower components checked and adjusted
  • Air flow distribution checked
  • Operating temperatures checked
  • Thermostat calibration checked

The Cool ZoneEach year you’re a member of the Cool Zone, you’ll prolong the life of your heating or cooling system. By having regular preventative maintenance performed on your system, you’ll avoid costly breakdowns and save on your monthly utility bills.

If you ever need a repair, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any repair parts, and you’ll not only benefit from our 24-hour a day service, you’ll also get your repair taken care of ahead of non-Cool Zone members.