Want to Save Money on Your Energy Bills? Preventative Maintenance

Chances are, you aren’t aware of how important preventative maintenance is. You really need it to ensure that your home helps you stay healthy and safe. Both hot, humid temperatures and freezing temperatures can lead to health problems, as well as possibly affecting the structural integrity of your house.

Preventative maintenance is called that because it can help prevent HVAC-related problems, from breakdowns to indoor air quality issues to weakened structural integrity of your home. Learn how to keep your HVAC equipment running strong all year, and choose to lower your risks of getting sick or needing expensive repairs.

Focus on these benefits of staying protected:

1. Preventative maintenance gets you the right filter for your equipment. Both furnaces and air conditioners use an HVAC filter to make sure that only clean particles are in the heated or cooled air that is being piped through your home. Now, there are heavy-duty filters available, which might sound tempting to homeowners because they promise higher efficiency and lower maintenance. Unfortunately, using a high-efficiency filter and forgetting to change your filters often enough will eventually cause damage to your system.

2. Seasonal maintenance improves efficiency. At the beginning of each heating or cooling season change, a maintenance visit will clear any debris or dirt out of the body of your heating and air conditioning equipment, including the gunk found inside the drain hose, which can lead to backed-up water. Through reducing the resistance your system experiences from these elements, you are allowing it to push more hot or cold air through your home while using less energy. You get to enjoy a more comfortable home while paying less on your utility bills.

3. Preventative maintenance pinpoints problems before they happen. Any DIYer can drain a few hoses or switch out a filter, but it often requires a trained eye to notice problems in the making. Luckily, the technicians at Carolina Comfort, Inc. can bring that experience to your home. Once your technician identifies a failing component, you can get repairs done or scheduled immediately, which will greatly reduce your chances of an expensive breakdown happening when you least expect it.

Save money and keep your heating and air conditioning running strong with help from the trusted team at Carolina Comfort, Inc. Schedule your preventative maintenance visit today.