The Top 3 Advantages of a Split System for Your Next HVAC Product

Have you heard about split systems? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. As far as HVAC products go, split systems aren’t very well-known. Homeowners tend to stick with what they know and purchase air conditioners or heaters. But what could you be missing out on by overlooking other options, like a split system? Here are just a few benefits of this basic heating and cooling alternative:

1. Save money by heating and cooling your home with one system. While a split system does double duty, it doesn’t happen the way most people assume. You might think one half of the system is the heater, while the other is a cooling unit. In reality, both systems work together to heat or cool your home. You can save quite a lot by investing in a dual-purpose appliance.

2. Control your home’s climate more efficiently with as many indoor units as necessary. One of the key benefits to split system HVAC products is the ability to use multiple indoor units. You can heat or cool much more space than with a traditional AC or heater. A split system also allows you to create comfort zones within your home to provide services where they’re really needed.

3. Go green with an Energy Star appliance. Just as the latest developments in air conditioners and furnaces have allowed for savings through higher efficiency, the same is true for split systems. Likewise, many states help subsidize the cost of Energy Star appliances, either through grants or through tax incentive programs. At Carolina Comfort, Inc., we’ll help you identify any and all programs and rebates that you are eligible for.

Discover these benefits and more while you learn more about the split system HVAC products available through Carolina Comfort, Inc. Call today.