The Most Important Ways the Right HVAC Products Can Get You through Winter in One Piece

How do the right HVAC products allow you to stay warm without going broke?

There’s more to HVAC products than just heaters and air conditioners. Heat pumps, for instance, help you save while providing both heating and cooling for your home. Then, there are add-ons to consider, such as HEPA filters or humidifiers, which are capable of improving your comfort and your health.

Discover the following ways one affordable add-on can make the most of your winter heating bills:

Humidity helps you save big

If you’re used to hot, sticky summers, you know how much higher the temperature feels when moisture is in the air. The reason why is simple: the air just doesn’t wick the moisture away from your skin, as it is already full of moisture. You suffer through this reality in summer, so put the concept to work for your wallet in the winter. Adding a humidifier to your HVAC system allows you to turn down the temperature and still stay warm, as moisture-laden air feels warmer than if it were dry.

The right amount of humidity will help you stay healthy

While humidifiers are often used to soothe someone who is already sick, they’re actually helpful in staving off diseases as well. Dry and sensitive nasal membranes absorb germs very easily. Strengthen your resistance to illness by adding moisture to the air and keeping your nose and lungs in condition to fight off illness. Just don’t overdo it. Use a humidifying component you can control, or you might be dealing with mildew or mold brought about by too much moisture.

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