Keeping You Comfortable, and Your Wallet, Too!

The Cool ZoneThey say an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. That’s the spirit behind our preventative maintenance program, the Cool Zone. You’ll enjoy the longest possible life from your HVAC system by having us come in regularly to care for it. Our visits help you get maximum performance from your AC unit, spot problems before they get out of hand, and keep everything running smoothly, quietly, and cost-effectively.

By joining the Cool Zone, you’ll face each season knowing your home or business will be comfortable, and that you’re unlikely to experience the unhappy surprise of a system that goes down and needs expensive repairs.

The worst part of performing routine maintenance on your own system is remembering to do it. Of course, knowing how to do it is another challenge! That’s why your neighbors trust Carolina Comfort to take care of their preventative maintenance every year. Our certified technicians will schedule your maintenance, carry it out, and keep your system running perfectly.

Benefits of the Cool Zone

Save MoneyWe want you to stay cool and comfortable. Nothing makes us happier than to hear how our Cool Zone members save money month after month, year after year because their HVAC systems function efficiently, heat and cool perfectly, and last longer than their neighbors’ do.

Getting a pricey HVAC repair bill is a guaranteed way to get sweaty palms. The stress of unexpected repairs is only worse when you know you could have avoided repair bills by investing in routine preventative maintenance. We want you to feel cool, comfortable, and confident that your system is running well because it’s been cared for properly. That’s why we created the Cool Zone.

Why Should You Enter The Cool Zone?
Here Are Just a Few of The Benefits Our Members Enjoy:
  • Your HVAC equipment will last and last and last.
  • Your utility bill will drop as your system’s efficiency climbs.
  • You’ll be more comfortable in your home than ever before.
  • Your system will run quietly and efficiently.
  • You’ll be top of our list for lightning-fast service if your system ever needs a repair.
  • You’ll enjoy breathing comfortable, clean air with increased indoor air quality.
  • You’ll get a 10% discount on all repair services.
  • You’ll enjoy extended warranty benefits.
  • You’ll see us less for repairs because you see more of us for preventative maintenance.
  • You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your system will run reliably.

There’s no more comfortable place to be than home when your home is in the Cool Zone. Contact Carolina Comfort to join the Cool Zone and schedule your first appointment for preventative maintenance service today.