The 3 Best Reasons to Tap into an Endless Energy Source with Residential Solar

Make no mistake about solar solutions. Combining the right products with federal, state, and local incentives puts you in the driver’s seat. Don’t just save money on your monthly bills; make money by creating more than enough electricity for your family to use, and selling the remainder back into the grid.

1. The Feds Will Give You Credits to Cover it Now

Carolina Comfort, Inc. can help you get the maximum benefit for your solar investments. There are two main federal credit programs, but states and communities have their own grant and reward programs as well. Using them, you can cut your initial expenses by as much as half.

2. Your Utility Company Could Pay for Extra Energy You Generate

A modest residential solar system will save up to 70% of your water heating expenses during a single month. In addition, with a solar setup, you may also gather an excess of energy, which you can feed back into the grid. Getting free energy is an exciting proposition – making money from the energy your solar system generates is even more exciting.

3. Your Monthly Bills Will Go Down (and May Disappear!)

Practical benefits, like the use of fewer natural resources and creation of less waste, are at the heart of these initiatives. Solar-ready appliances and HVAC equipment aren’t just capable of running off of energy collected from the sun. They’re highly efficient, putting every morsel of electricity they use to work. Whatever power you pay for will be put to best use, delivering lower bills each and every month after installation of your new, greener products.

So if you want to do more than just something green for the planet, look into a solar system from Carolina Comfort, Inc. Between tax credits and incentives and the automatic savings from using less energy, you could even earn money, not just save it. These and other benefits make the move toward a sustainable lifestyle worth the effort.

Want to know more? Get your questions on residential solar systems answered today by the experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc.