Should I Turn my Furnace Off When on Vacation?

Should I turn off my furnace when I leave townOwning a home comes with a number of different responsibilities. It can be tough to balance these different responsibilities with everything else that the family requires. Furnaces are an important part of the home and is important for keeping everyone comfortable. One of the questions that many people have is whether or not they should turn their furnace off when they go on vacation. There are a number of different points that people should keep in mind when trying to make this tough decision. What are a few of the pros and cons of keeping your furnace off when you go on vacation?

The Pros of Turning the Furnace Off when on Vacation

The biggest pro that most people think about when turning furnaces off is the savings on the utility bills. Like the other utilities in the home, the furnace uses a significant amount of energy. This is reflected by the rising utility costs that many people stress about. By turning the furnace off when people go on vacation, families can enjoy large cost savings on their utility bills. Of course, the flip side is that people may need to run their furnace a little while longer when they get back to get their home comfortable again.

The Cons of Turning the Furnace Off When on Vacation

There are a couple of cons that people need to think about when they turn off their furnace to go on vacation. The biggest issue is that the home could get too cold inside. If this happens, certain parts of the home could start to freeze. The biggest example is the pipes. If the pipes freeze, they could burst. In addition, people need to think about the pets that they might have at home as well. Make sure to keep the time of year in mind when deciding whether or not to run the furnace.

Trust the Trained Professionals

When families are trying to decide whether or not to turn off their furnace, it is helpful to trust the trained professionals. Families in the Columbia, SC area should trust Carolina Comfort. Our trained representatives provide a variety of heating and cooling services, including maintenance and installation. Call today to learn more and make an appointment!