Should I Be Aware of Humidity Levels in My Home During the Winter Season?

When the temperatures get cold outside, indoor air quality tends to suffer.

Indoor air quality affects your comfort and your health. When the air quality is lacking, it can make you feel uncomfortable and can even lead to illness. This is especially true during the winter months when humidity is at its lowest. Dry air wicks water away from your eyes, skin, hair, and the mucous membranes in your nose. This can leave you looking and feeling less than healthy.

Allergies or Dry Air?

Surprisingly, many people who think they suffer from winter allergies—with symptoms such as red, sore eyes, sensitive sinuses, and scratchy throats—really live in a home with poor indoor air quality. Using a humidifier is an easy and convenient way to alleviate your symptoms. The benefits of humidity control can be felt quickly, too. With the overnight use of a humidifier, you may find yourself immediately feeling less congested and irritable.

A qualified HVAC technician can assess your existing HVAC equipment and evaluate your needs to help you determine the right humidifier for your home. Today’s top HVAC brands, including Lennox, Rheem, and Trane, have humidifying elements that can be added to your heating and cooling devices. These elements closely regulate the moisture content in your home to ensure the humidity stays at a level that is safe and comfortable.

These smart humidifiers can actually prevent moisture content from getting too high and causing an entirely different set of problems. For example, when indoor humidity rises above 60 percent, mold and mildew can develop. Too much of a good thing can be a problem, even in terms of humidity. Finding the right balance is the key, and that’s where our professional team can help you to find the best products to achieve ideal indoor air quality.

Contact Carolina Comfort, Inc. today to get your indoor air quality in the sweet spot this winter. No need to suffer through dry skin and irritated sinuses when a humidifier can make all the difference.