Shopping for HVAC Products? Split Systems Can be The Right Choice

When your HVAC products need replacement, it saves to spend a little time looking over your options. This is especially true nowadays, when your options have changed so much. Today’s heating and cooling units have energy-saving and efficiency features, added bonuses like air filtration, humidifiers, and more. Talk to a professional installer at Carolina Comfort, Inc. to help you figure out which unit is best for you, and don’t forget to ask about the benefits of split systems.

Split System HVAC Products

A fairly new option in home cooling is the split system, consisting of a bulky outdoor unit and a sleek indoor unit. The outdoor portion houses the condenser and expansion coils and compressor, while the indoor portion houses the cooling coil and blower. Several indoor units can connect to an outdoor unit, allowing a split system to cool a larger portion of your home.

Split systems can be more affordable to install than traditional central air units because no venting is required. They are the perfect choice for older homes where modern infrastructure is lacking or too compromised for affordable repair. Split systems are also a quieter, and somewhat classier, alternative to window air units. However, they do require a specialist for installation.

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